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Description: Blue Shark Capsules are used for treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Its advanced formula boosts stamina to support fuller, firmer, and stronger erections for a longer duration. This male enhancement product maximizes the pleasure, intensifies climax, and supports overall male health to meet the sexual requirements of your partner. It also improves mental health and immunity. Package Detail: Each pack contains 8800mg x 12 capsules (12 soft gel pills). Method Of Use: Take one capsule and soft gel pill with simple water at least 20-30 minutes before intercourse. Advantages: Treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation Support fuller, firmer, and stronger erections Prolong the duration of intercourse Boost stamina, libido, and male power Support overall health of the male organ Restore male confidence and performance Maximize pleasure and intensity Intensify climax Improve mental health and immunity Precaution: Please see a certified physician before using these male enhancement capsules. Important Instructions: Before using this Tablet contact to Doctor. High blood pressure, diabetes patient Use According to Doctor Instructions. Without Doctor’s instruction, it is Harmful to Your Health.


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