CAYENNE women power

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Description: Cayenne Women Power treats  arousal disorders in women. It active ingredients increase blood reflux to the vagina that eliminates  coldness and boosts libido. It also strengthens vaginal muscles and increases vaginal secretions to receive multiple orgasms from your partner. Let’s get wet with this proven female  enhancement product and achieve all benefits of a healthy relationship! Package Detail: Each pack contains 6ml x 2 bottles. Method Of Use: Dissolve 3-5 drops in simple water, coffee, tea, or your favorite drink and consume it at least 20-30 minutes before intercourse. Advantages: Reduce the symptoms of female  dysfunction and  coldness Improve blood reflux to vagina Make vagina horny wet Boost  drive and stamina Increase vaginal lubrications Intensify climax Maximize pleasure Prolong the duration of intercourse Increase strength of the vaginal muscles Support multiple orgasms Precaution: Please visit a gynecologist before using this product.


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