MR Big cream

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Description: Mr. Big is a powerful male enhancement product to cure impotence, delay ejaculations, or reduce over-sensitivity during intercourse. Its fast-acting ingredients quickly penetrate the penile tissues and stimulate efficient blood flow towards it. Hence, it supports firmer, fuller, and stronger erections to satisfy your partner. It also helps to extend the duration of intercourse without feeling anxiety or depression. This product contains Vitamin E extract that moisturizes the penile tissues and support overall health of the male organ. Each pack contains 65ml product. Take a small amount and massage gently in circulation motion using forefinger and thumb until it is absorbed. Advantages: Cure erectile dysfunction (impotence) Delay ejaculations Reduce over-sensitivity Moisturize the skin Maintain harder, bigger, and stronger erections Extend the duration of intercourse Visibly increase the size of the male organ Support overall health of the male organ Please consult a certified physician before using this male enhancement product. Important Instructions: Before using this cream or gel, consult a doctor. Do not use any type of skin disease patient without the advice of a doctor. It may be harmful to your health.


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