Maxman Gel 3in1

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Description: MaxMan 3 in 1 Power Gel is an advanced male enhancement formula that cures the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Its active ingredients delay ejaculations and reduce over-sensitivity to prolong the duration of intercourse. You can maintain harder, bigger, and stronger erections with this 100% safe product. Package Detail: Each tube contains 50ml product in it. Method Of Use: Wash the genital area, apply a small amount, and massage gently in circular motion using forefinger and thumb until it is absorbed completely. Use it at least 15 minutes before intercourse. Advantages: 100% safe and effective male enhancement formula Naturally increase the length and circumference of the male organ Reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction Delay ejaculations Reduce over-sensitivity Intensify climax and pleasure Stimulate libido, stamina, and energy Restore male confidence and performance Suitable for all skin types Precaution: Please consult a certified physician before using this male enhancement formula. Important Instructions: Before using this cream or gel, consult a doctor. Do not use any type of skin disease patient without the advice of a doctor. It may be harmful to your health.


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