Vimax spray

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Description: Vimax Spray is a unique formula to delay ejaculations and reduce over-sensitivity of the intercourse. Its advanced formula contains appropriate blend of ingredients that maintain harder, bigger, and stronger erections for a longer duration. As it contains Vitamin E, it moisturizes the penile skin to support overall male health. Boost your stamina and  drive with this miraculous male enhancement product! Each bottle contains 35ml product. Wash the genital area and spray it on the head of at least 20 minutes before intercourse. Stop using this product if you face serious skin irritation, allergies, or rashes. Advantages: Treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation Increase blood circulation in the genital area Maintain harder, bigger, and stronger erections Prolong the duration of intercourse Vitamin E infused special all-natural formula Lubricate the penile tissues Suitable for all skin types Please consult a certified physician before using this male enhancement product.


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